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with a massage

Enjoy a Relaxing Massage
Exceptional comfort and support lets you unwind in our treatment chairs.
Now the addition of heat and massage can help relax you further!
Customize the various settings to what you prefer and your tense muscles will melt away.
Ask for this experience for your next visit!

  Single Tooth

Hate having your face and lip numb?
We can now anesthetize ('numb') one tooth with out collateral effects.
The injection is done through a computer controlled delivery system that is unassuming and very gentle.
It's not scary!
The STA (Single Tooth Anesthesia) uses Pressure Sensing technology allowing for the injection of medication at an intended, precise location. This means less anesthetic at the right place!
Check it out:

  Laser Dentistry
needleless and painless

Our water-laser allows us to treat you in a new way.
Cavities can be restored painlessly without the use of a needle.
Ask us if you are a suitable patient for these and other procedures.

  New Patients Welcome!
Promotion Extended!

Our office is offering with every new patient exam and preventative treatment, complimentary:
custom teeth whitening, or custom sports mouth guard.
Call us to book your appointment now!
Conveniently located, we also offer evening and weekend appointments.
Please call for details.

Please check our Facebook page for the new office hours.
If you cant find us we have a link on the 'Where We Are' page.

  Tidbit Of The Day
ice... not so nice

Its summer and time for those nice cold drinks with ice.
Let the ice melt, don't chew on it!
Ice is one of the hardest things you could bite on with your teeth.
Constant trauma could crack or devitalize your tooth.

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